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Commercial Real Estate Lending

Real Estate Lending – Warsh Financial Group LLC has partnered with Coronado Bay Capital to become a nationwide powerhouse in the commercial lending arena.  We deal with most types of properties & loans Like:  Multi-family apartment buildings, office buildings, retail buildings, shopping centers & strip malls, industrial buildings, hospitality (hotels & restaurants), self-storage facilities, and even mobile home parks.  We will fund new purchases, rate & term refinances, as well as new ground-up construction & rehab loans.  As well as, SBA loans up to 85-90% financing, and as high as $15MM. Our lending loan amount requirements start at $500,000 or higher, to upwards of $100million plus.  We also have our own extensive private equity department for deals that are $5million or higher.  For more information, please contact us for further details at 855-927-7434

Medicare Supplements - Warsh Financial Group

Medicare Supplements – Not sure where or how to get your Medicare needs taking care of?  Did you know that for every month your Medicare coverages & needs are not set up properly you will be fined lifetime penalties by the government?  Once you are 64 1/2yrs old you become eligible to get a Medicare supplement.  Don’t wait until the last minute, and get lifetime fines for not having it set up on time.  For more information, please contact us for further detail at 855-927-7434

Life Insurance - Warsh FG

Life Insurance – There are many different types of life insurance like:  term life, whole life, & universal life to name a few.  Life insurance is one of the very few products that was lucky enough to be grandfathered into the tax code.  Term life insurance is like renting life insurance for a specific period of time.  However, whole life insurance, although it may be much more expensive, it allows you to build a cash value within the policy.  The growth that occurs inside a “whole life” insurance policy will grow tax free, and is also creditor proof as well.  Life insurance is a very unique, and special type of product that can be used for several different benefits.  The most important benefit being a peace of mind.  It can also be used to help with the cost/expense of funerals, college tuition, mortgage protection or even buying your children their first car so you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money out of your pocket.  For more information, please contact us for further details at 855-927-7434

Long Term Care - Warsh Financial Group

Long Term Care – Do not make the mistake of thinking that Medicare covers your long-term care needs.  Approximately a staggering 49 out of 51 people will need long term care services by the ages of 75-80yrs old.  This means 1 out of every 2 people will eventually need it.  The best time to purchase long term care coverage, just like any other type of insurance is when you are as young as possible.  Long term care insurance will cover all your home health care needs that health insurance & Medicare doesn’t cover.  In the event you become unable to perform daily tasks like getting dressed, or feeding yourself for example, long term care coverage will provide for all these options.  For more information, please contact us for further details at 855-927-7434

Disability Insurance - Warsh Financial Group

Disability Insurance – In the event g-d forbid you get hurt or injured, and you are no longer able to work, disability insurance will pay you up to approx. 70-75% of your annual income until the age of approx. 65-70yrs old depending on the insurance company.  You never know when a disaster can strike, and will leave you unable to work.  For more information, please contact us for further details 855-927-7434

Major Medical & Guaranteed Issue

Major Medical & Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance – With the ongoing crisis going on in this country with healthcare these days, it is not an easy process by any means to find good affordable healthcare coverage these days.  Warsh Financial Group, LLC specializes in finding you the best and most affordable healthcare for you and your family. Most people do not know that they have other options available for health coverage other than the traditional major medical plans that have become completely unaffordable with outrageous monthly premiums still on the rise, and insane annual deductibles.  Some of which are averaging over $10k max out of pocket per year.  Warsh Financial Group, LLC has been specializing in individual & group health coverage for well over a decade and can help assist in finding the best policy for you and your family.  For more information, please contact us for further details at 855-927-7434

Prescription Drug Plan - Warsh Financial Group

Prescription Drug Plans – These days most people are choosing not to have regular or traditional healthcare because of the rising monthly premiums, and annual out of pocket maximums before the policies will pay a cent.  Here at Warsh Financial Group, LLC, we not only have prescription coverage for all ages, but we also specialize is PDP plans for those needing it that have a Medicare Supplement policy.  For more information, please contact us for further details 855-927-7434

Annuity - Warsh Financial Group

Fixed & Indexed Annuities – Annuities are the only other product aside from Whole Life Insurance to be grandfathered into the tax code.  Which means not only are they creditor proof, but the funds will grow TAX FREE.  Annuities are one of the best and safest products to put your money into to start the process of building a retirement fund for yourself.  They are one of the best resources for investing your money at a very conservative pace.  There are several different types of annuities, and they all have their own unique niche.  For more information, please contact us for further details at 855-927-7434

Estate Planning - Warsh Financial Group, LLC

Estate & Retirement Planning – Probably one of the most important things that every human being needs to do as soon as possible is have their estate & retirement planning set up sooner than later.  By being smart enough to have this put into place as early as possible will set you up for success later down the road in life.  Warsh Financial Group, LLC has over 10yrs experience assisting clients set up their estates so that their families are protected for years to come, and you will be able to take advantage of all the tax benefits of having your investments & estate set up properly.  For more information, please contact us for further details 855-927-7434

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