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What Are Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are regular streams of payment granted to the respected person who won or settled a lawsuit. What separates structured settlements from lump-sums is that said money transfers to you over time, be it small or large. However, once the money is yours, taxes and dividends now become liable towards said lump sum.

Personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical practice, and wrongful deaths are just some of the many reasons why one would want to receive a structured settlement. Alongside payout options and a variety of options for one to qualify for them (minors, government support, etc.) The pros of structured settlements are many and in-between. These include tax-free payments, customized payment scheduling, guaranteed sums that aren’t tempered by market changes, and much more.

This blog merely scratches the surface when it comes to learning about structured settlements, and at Warsh Financial Group, we’re more than happy to educate and lend a hand towards those looking for a structured settlement. Call us today or contact us on our website to see how our professional brokers can help you.